A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Use your glider and grappling hook to navigate an open world... but you'll have no minimap, compass, or quest markers. Use only hand-drawn maps to find where you are in the world, and where you need to go.

Discover a new world and use your navigation skills to find what the maps are hiding.

Made on December 3-13, 2021 for the annual #7DFPS game jam. All game assets were made during the jam, including code, 3D models, sound effects, music, and art.


Traversal_Windows.zip 237 MB
Traversal_Mac.app.zip 246 MB


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i like it i hope it will get more developed


Ok, so I dint have a lot of time to play this fully so I have not completed the game at the point of writing this. However very impressive at a first glance, the grappling hook system is very well done and intuitive and can only imagine the coding that went into that. The glider mechanic feels a bit more clunky, but still performs its intended function very well. The lighting and atmosphere reminds me of the earlier levels of Halo (the first one) when you first arrive on the ring world. The art style using cell shading is a very interesting choice and give the mysterious setting feels very fitting.

I do feel that the direction the player has to take with the maps isn't very intuitive, but that may be my fault for not putting more time into looking around. I did make it to an open area with a camp that acts as a quick save point. While exploring this area i did become lodged against a wall and the floor where it dips done (roughly the other side of the area to which you enter from) but the quick save got me out of that.

Will be playing some more of this to fully explore and uncover more about the story.


This is utterly phenomenal. The art style was an instance grabber for me, I really love it. The BGM and Sound effect are also super cool, the music so perfectly fits the mysterious setting.

In terms of gameplay this is an awesome puzzle game, really nice to be able to see a location, then start hunting for a way to it. Really nice in all regards.

I did find the grappling hook to be a strange control scheme - one which I had trouble adapting to, i think perhaps it might be that it rotates the character and i found that unusual to adapt to, but this wasn't a huge deal breaker, i was used to it within five minutes. 

All in all, I think this is up there with games that really shine this Jam - i'm surprised more people haven't flocked to it! It's awesome. Cracking job, Team! 


I liked the abstract world and having to match the sketches with the environment. The movement / platforming was fun to play.